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Bowdens Own Shagamittastic Wash Mitt


When you can appreciate that some things are more fun by hand.

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The Shagamittastic Wash Mitt will appease even the fussiest car fanatics and pro detailers who love washing their car by hand. It safely removes funk and grime from your paint, holding it deep in the material until it’s rinsed out, helping prevent annoying swirl marks being created on your precious ride. Some of the groovy features of this wash tool are:

  • New 3 yarn plush shag pile creates a deep & soft cleaning surface, to prevent grit and grime from swirling delicate paint.
  • Large 23cm x 20cm size combined with this material type means a greater surface area for super easy and fast washing.
  • Quality elastic cusp, to make sure it’s never dropped while washing.
  • A stitched divider recessed inside for your fingers, so it’s easier to manage with big or small sized hands.
  • Non-split shag pile microfibre releases all the bad funk and grime particles when rinsed out.
  • Kinky and flexible, for easy work around the different contours and sensual curves of your car.
  • A low profile 1cm sponge inner that will hold and easily release suds, reducing weight and fatigue as you wash.
  • Bright and colourful, so you can easily see any heavier funk picked up while washing, and clean it out.
  • Made to last for years of deep spiritual weekend cleansing that car enthusiasts need.
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